Pillowcase Dress Tutorial



Pillowcase Dress Tutorial
This Pillowcase Dress is different than most because it involves
elastic at the front and back instead of just ribbon all the way thru.
This is to ease the fear of choking in young children.
Thanks to All Things Mamma for this tutorial!






Fabric Book Cover Tutorial



Do you love reading books or konw someone who does? 

Here is a perfect tutorial for you to make for yourself or

make as a gift for someone else.  Thanks to ” A Case of the Crafties”

for this great tutorial!


Fabric Book Cover



There are so many variations of covers:  Book, Notebook, Bibles

If you have a tutorial of one of these, please post you link and I will post your tutorial!

Soft Fabric Boxes


Fun and Creative way to decorate your child’s room or any room of your house!

This tutorial shows you how to make Soft Boxes that stand up on their own.

Thanks to Bold Neighboorhood for this tutorial!

Soft Boxes Tutorial


Crayon Roll Tutorial

Crayon Roll Tutorial
What a Cute way to carry those crayons around for you child!  
Thank you to “Skip to my Lou” for sharing this wonderful tutorial!
Have you made a verison of the Crayon Roll that you would like to share?
Please feel free to message me with your link and I will post your tutorial!

Hanging Basket Tutorial


I LOVE these Hanging Baskets!  This is definitely on my list of tuts to try!  I am always looking for cute ways to organize my house and these are adorable!  Check out the link below to follow the tutorial for yourself.  This one was found on “The Mother Huddle” blog. 

Hanging Basket Tutorial


Mail Organizer Tutorial


Ever have problems with mail overflowing?  Here is the perfect solution: a Mail Organizer to hang where you can organize the incoming and outgoing mail.  I found this tutorial on Noodlehead.  The direct link to the organizer tutorial is below.